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In the name of GOD, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful..
Our gratitude goes to Allah SWT, that we can participate in developing the business world of medical devices and other supporting needs. We have a vision to become the trusted choice for Medical Products and Supplies in Indonesia, therefore we are committed to providing the best service to all of our working partners and customers.

We will always try to provide the best service and quality in every product we sell. With the principle of Continous Support, every product we sell is always supported by after-sales service, both product warranty and technical assistance to users, thereby guaranteeing that every product we sell can function properly in the relevant agencies.

We sincerely hope that this company profile will be a good start for our cooperation in the future. Thus, we thank you for the attention and trust given.

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PT. ADI SAKA MANDIRI was incorporated in 2011 and located in Bekasi, Indonesia. We have been working with BUMN holding company and supplying hospital equiptment, medical equiptment, medical disposable laboratory products to hospitals and medical centres since 2011.

For special vehicle development, we carry out partnership with some companies, producing vehicles with special and innovative designs created by our creative team, such as Mobile Laboratory BSL-2 Covid-19, Mobile Rotgen X-Ray, Mobile Transfusion, Isolation Ambulance . We aims to be a well-known and established supplier of high quality medical products while providing excellent services to or customers. With our dedicated and proffesional team, we grow and offering an incomparable range of high-quality products to the medical industry in Indonesia.

PT. ADI SAKA MANDIRI upholding product quality and partnering with world-class manufacturers of medical device products that have an international reputation in terms of medical device products. With our Vision and Mission, we will provide and offer international standard products, competitive prices and the best and most reliable service, as we try to combine modern technology, functional concepts, analysis results, and ease of use of tools so as to achieve the ultimate goal of facilitating inspection activities quickly and accurately, supported by technical assistance and guaranteed availability of tools directly from the Manufacturer.

Vison & Mission

"Our vision is to become the trusted choice for Medical Products and Supplies in Indonesia."

Our missions are:

  • Help Fulfill Services and Distribution of Medical Devices for Hospitals and medical centres, which are fast, precise, effective and efficient.
  • Help meet the needs of Medical Devices that have advantages at competitive prices.
  • Continuing to innovate creatively in developing and procuring medical devices with special designs as a form of our commitment to facilitating health services, especially for special conditions.
  • Providing Professional, Trusted and Best service to our cooperation partners.


Structure Organization

Our Legality

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